Reaction Time Test

Test your mouse click or spacebar press time in milliseconds

Click or press spacebar

What is Reaction Time Test?

It is a challenge to learn what your average reaction time is. It's the most important skill for online gaming or driving. The average reaction time is around ~300 milliseconds - the less the better. No problems if your score is more than that - reaction time can be easily improved by constant practise

How to start

Press the Start button and wait when the background color changes

Once the color changes click anywhere within the colored rectangle zone

The faster you click after the color changes the better reaction time you have. Your score is shown after the click


Laser precision

our script is lightning fast and measures your reaction in milliseconds

Improve reaction

practise and improve your reaction time in a few days

Spacebar supported

Ever wondered how fast you can hit that bar? Take a test and find out

It's all about the time to react

Check your reaction time easily online with a scientific algorithm

mad skills

Improve your reaction time

having a better reaction time greatly benefits not only gamers but it's generally a great skill to have in life

challenge accepted

Compete with friends

challenge your friends to get the fastest reaction time you can

improve reaction

Get better at online gaming

faster reaction means better scores in online competitive games